Germany Announces Independence From Russian Oil Is Happening Soon

Germany Announces Independence From Russian Oil Is Happening Soon

Germany Is Quitting Russian Oil For Good – Putin’s On The Back Burner

( – Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Germany has faced increasing criticism for its reluctance to either support Ukraine or reduce its reliance on Russian energy. Now Berlin has made an abrupt about-face and imports of Russian oil could end within months.

On May 1, German economy and climate minister Robert Habeck released a statement claiming Germany, which has relied heavily on Russian oil, gas and coal for decades, had already slashed its imports of Russian energy and aims to be completely independent of Russian oil by late summer. Habeck, who belongs to the Left-wing Green Party, says only 12% of the country’s oil is now imported from the country since a deal with Poland allowed oil to be imported through the oil terminal at Gdansk.

Habeck warned eliminating Russian gas imports is a much bigger challenge. Around 35% of Germany’s gas comes from the country, down from over 50% before the war began, and the country’s central bank has warned an embargo could shrink the German economy by 5%. Germany continues to block attempts by the European Union to cut off gas imports — but the pressure to break free of the Kremlin’s energy supplies is growing. Now, at last, Germany seems to realize it needs to cut its links with Vladimir Putin’s regime — and sooner rather than later. Has Germany changed its mind in time to salvage its reputation?

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