Georgia Officials Target Donald Trump With New Investigation

Georgia Officials Target Donald Trump With Another Investigation

( – On Monday, February 8, election officials in Georgia launched a new investigation into last November’s election – but their target is President Trump, not the widespread allegations of voter fraud.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) turned on President Trump after the election, leaking confidential discussions with the president and his team from a January 2 phone conference. Now Raffensperger’s office claims it’s received complaints it must investigate, and has started a probe into whether the discussions broke any laws.

David Worley, an attorney who’s also the Election Board’s lone Democrat, issued a statement claiming the investigation could lead to criminal charges against the former president. Worley has been pushing for an inquiry into the call since January, but previously admitted they couldn’t hold one without a formal complaint. Now, conveniently, they have one.

With the doomed second impeachment trial now underway – but certain to be defeated by Republican votes – and Fulton County, GA planning its own investigation, it’s clear that some Democrats are determined to hound President Trump out of what looks increasingly like simple spite.

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