George Soros DA’s Go Rogue in Attempt to Push Liberal Agenda

George Soros DA’s Go Rogue in Attempt to Push Liberal Agenda

( – Liberal billionaire George Soros has used his immense wealth for years to influence both national and local elections to favor his leftist ideology. He has pumped more than $8.8 billion into federal elections this year as of November 20. He also donated millions of dollars into district attorney elections to skew the criminal justice system at the local level.

The highly esteemed Heritage Foundation, a DC-based think tank, released several studies and videos the last few months detailing Soros’ plan to use his billions to reshape law and order in the country. His plan is to help liberal-minded prosecutors win elections, to replace officials who respect the rule of law, with rogue officials led by ideology when prosecuting (or not prosecuting) crime.

You can watch the result of the Heritage Foundation’s research into George Soros and his “rogue” prosecutors in their November 18 YouTube video, below.

Soro’s Masterplan to Disrupt American Law and Order

The California Globe published a stunning report at the end of September detailing Soros’ efforts to unseat Republican prosecutors nationwide. According to their research, he spent over $3.5 million in California alone, donating about $2.5 million to unseat current Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who also happened to be the first black to hold that office.

During the November 3 general elections, she lost her seat to liberal attorney George Gascón who campaigned on a promise to prosecute more police officers. He also campaigned on establishing early release programs for convicted criminals and decriminalizing crimes involving narcotics and other illegal drugs.

Equally concerning, was the fact Gascón lacked significant experience working as a prosecutor. As one might expect, his anti-law enforcement agenda won him Soros money, and the endorsement of Black Lives Matter officials and Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Ronald Reagan’s former Attorney General Edwin Meese, III may have stated it best when he recently wrote that well-financed “social justice” prosecutors like those benefiting from Soros’ near-endless wallet serve to “undermine decades of efforts to reduce crime.” It’s time to put an end to the Left’s efforts to aid and abet criminal conduct in American cities.

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