George Soros Backing Made Democrat Prosecutors Win in Flood of Victories

George Soros Backing Made Democrat Prosecutors Win in Flood of Victories

( – Billionaire piggy bank George Soros has been doing his best to turn the nation’s judicial system inside out and upside down for years. He’s pumped millions of dollars into district attorney races hoping to skew the criminal justice system to the left at the local level. Additionally, he spent nearly $9 million trying to exert undue influence on 2020’s federal elections.

The Washington, DC-based Heritage Foundation released several studies early this year discussing his plan to reshape the nation’s legal systems by funding the ouster of conservative-minded prosecutors and officials. His plan was to replace them with rogue leftists lawyers and powerbrokers led by political ideology and not constitutional norms.

Soros’ Plan to Wreak Havoc

The Hungarian-born Democratic savior has weaponized the adage that politics begins and ends at the local level. He’s also figured out with Democrats losing a lot of down-ballot races these days, the cure is to move even further downstream.

He’s pumped money into prosecutor elections in major Democratic-led cities like Los Angeles, experimenting with upsetting the status quo through local-level criminal justice systems. Unlike politicians, district attorneys have broad discretion when it comes to decisions regarding how towns and cities choose to enforce or not enforce their laws.

As Soros once proclaimed, prosecutors are the “linchpin” of communities’ criminal justice system.

His more-than-generous campaign donations purchased him a key victory in St. Louis, getting the first black circuit attorney elected to office this November.

And — he doesn’t work alone. He’s been known to pal around with Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Black Lives Matter officials.

As Ronald Reagan’s attorney general recently noted, well-heeled “social justice” prosecutors work to “undermine” long-standing efforts to control crime using Soros’ near endless stream of cash. It’s time to shut the billionaire and his cronies down and restore American greatness to the nation’s judicial system.

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