George Bush Accidentally Claims “Iraq” War Was a Mistake

George Bush Accidentally Quips

Former President Slips — Makes Bombshell Confession

( – In the nearly 20 years since former President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq, there have been many questions about why the invasion took place. Many people, including former POTUS Donald Trump, believe it was a mistake. The man who declared the war recently slipped up and said something similar — by accident.

On Wednesday, May 18, former President Bush, 75, gave a speech at his presidential center at Southern Methodist University. He spoke about the Russian war on Ukraine, saying President Vladimir Putin rigs the elections by imprisoning political opponents or eliminating them in some other way. As a result, Bush said there are no checks and balances in their political system.

Bush then said the decision to launch a “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq — I mean Ukraine” was entirely one man’s decision. The former president stopped speaking for a moment while the crowd laughed at his mistake. He responded to the crowd by making fun of his age, saying, “Anyway, 75.”

Twitter, of course, couldn’t let the mistake go without comment. One user called it the “biggest Freudian slip of the century.”

Another made a reference to OJ Simpson’s book, saying Bush’s speech gave “Big OJ ‘If I Did It’ vibes.” The book was written by OJ and explores the murder of his ex-wife.

The former president clearly made a mistake but the internet had a good time with it anyway. What do you think about Bush’s slip-up?

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