Gender-Selective Abortions Could Cause Fewer Female Births

Gender-Selective Abortions Could Cause Fewer Female Births

( – The abortion debate is a long-running issue in US politics, but it’s also a problem on a global scale – one that could have serious implications for many societies. According to the United Nations, using abortion to have sons instead of daughters could lead to an increase in antisocial behavior and even violence.

Children and Culture

In the US, most see men and women as equally valuable. Sadly, this isn’t the case in every culture. Many societies value sons much more highly than daughters. This has led to some very ugly behavior throughout history.

In China, female infanticide – the deliberate killing of female babies – has been practiced for at least 2,000 years. Poor people who couldn’t afford to raise all their children prioritized the boys; female babies were often drowned.

The practice reappeared when the Communists introduced their one-child policy in 1980. Many families decided that if they were only going to have one child, it was going to be a boy.

In a normal society, the male:female ratio is about 1.05:1. After 25 years of China’s one-child policy it was 1.21:1. That equals over 40 million missing women – except they’re not really missing — they’re dead, usually murdered at birth.

In India, and later, Pakistan too, female children were often murdered because parents didn’t want to have to pay a dowry when they married. The British tried to stamp out this practice, but it survives. The UN says that Indian girls aged between 1 and 5 are 75% more likely to die than boys.

The Deadly Outcome Of Gender Testing

With the development of ultrasound and other technologies over the last few decades, parents can now tell what gender a baby is before it’s born. In societies that prefer sons to daughters, this technology has been used to enable sex-selective abortion. Thus, if a woman finds out she’s going to have a daughter, she has the option to abort it instead.

This is horrifyingly sexist, but the evidence shows it’s widespread.

A 2020 study by UN scientists found that, between 1970 and 2017, there were at least 45 million “missing” female babies due to sex-selective abortion. Approximately 95% were from China and India. Now, the same scientists have discovered that the problem isn’t getting any better. In 12 countries where sex-selective abortion is a known risk, they project a deficit of 4.7 million female births by 2030. They also classed another 17 other countries as “at risk” of allowing the same contentious practice.

Dr. Fengquing Chao, one of the researchers, says that while most scientists predict the imbalance in male and female births will start to decline, it could actually get worse. Fengquing says Pakistan and Nigeria are two of the countries most at risk.

How Bad Could This Be?

Aborting babies just because they’re girls is bad enough, but the consequences could harm everyone. Skewed gender ratios mean that many men are condemned to go through life without a partner, and that can lead to serious behavior problems.

Self-described “incel” (involuntarily celibate) men have carried out violent attacks in the US. Some have even plotted mass murders of women as “revenge” for their inability to find a partner. Imagine a society where millions of men are in that position.

Violence – whether in competition for a partner or out of boredom or frustration – is likely to explode.

Sex-selective abortion could even make the illegal immigration problem worse. Most of the “refugees” flooding into Europe are young men from countries where sex-selective abortion and female infanticide are known or potential problems – and they’re not famous for their respect for women. The US could also face a flood of migrants looking for romance and relationships.

China has a massive people-trafficking problem caused by the shortage of women; criminals abduct Vietnamese girls, some as young as 13, and traffic them to China to be sold as “brides.” Meanwhile, many single Chinese men emigrate in the hope of finding a partner.

Abortion will always be a controversial topic, but gender-selective abortion is flat-out wrong. It’s also just as dangerous to society as to its helpless victims. This is a scandal that has to end, no matter whose cultural sensitivities get trampled on.

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