Gavin Newsom Gives Undocumented Immigrants Taxpayer-Funded Support

Gavin Newsom Gives Undocumented Immigrants Taxpayer-Funded Support

( – California’s controversial governor is facing lawsuits over his extreme mask mandates for children and a recall election over his bungling of the COVID pandemic, but he’s still pushing ahead with radical policies. Now he’s authorized a massive healthcare handout to illegal immigrants.

On July 27 Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed a law that gives undocumented immigrants over the age of 50 access to taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal healthcare. The giveaway follows another law Newsom signed last year which gave 19 to 25-year-old illegal immigrants free healthcare and means that a large proportion of California’s estimated three million illegal immigrants are now having their medical bills covered by taxpayers.

Newsom called the latest handout a “major milestone” and one of the “transformative changes we’ve long dreamed of.” He went on to claim he’s bringing California closer to universal healthcare, but didn’t explain why this expansion of Medi-Cal is targeted to undocumented immigrants instead of people who have a right to be there.

The latest polling for September’s recall election shows that 47% of Californians now want their governor removed. If that hits 50% in the actual election, it’s possible that Larry Elder, a conservative talk show host, will replace Newsom. That would be a big relief for California’s hard-pressed taxpayers.

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