GA Religious Liberty Adoption Bill Sparks Debate

GA Religious Liberty Adoption Bill Sparks Debate

( – Recently, the debate over religious liberty has started raging again in Georgia. This time it was sparked by a bill that would allow adoption agencies to receive state money even if they only place children in the homes of other religious couples.

Republican Senator Marty Harbin sponsored the bill earlier this month. Democratic Rep. Betsy Holland was very upset about it, saying:

However, Open Door Adoption Agency CEO Walter Gilbert says his organization should be allowed to work with the state to place kids with good families. Members of the LGBT community claim the bill will allow agencies like Gilbert’s to deny same-sex couples the right to adopt.

The law won’t deny gay couples the right to adopt in the state. So, how this law would discriminate against them is unclear.

On the other hand, faith-based adoption agencies say they’re facing discrimination right now and argue they deserve the same rights as everyone else.

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