Friction, Fines As Lockdown Eases

Friction, Fines As Lockdown Eases

( – Our society and economy are creaking under the strain of the coronavirus lockdown. Efforts to get the country moving again are running into a quicksand of opposition. The administration is encouraging governors to start reopening their states as soon as it’s safe. Unfortunately, the message doesn’t seem to have been absorbed by local lawmakers and cops.

A small church in upstate New York thought it had found a safe way to meet the spiritual needs of its congregation by holding a drive-in service. Pastor Samson Ryman would be speaking from the steps of the church via an FM radio transmitter while attendees remained in their vehicles, listening to his sermon on their radios. Before organizing the event, Ryman got permission from state and county officials – but now the Massena Police Department is threatening him with a $1,000 fine.

Meanwhile, a New Jersey gym owner has been cited for opening in violation of lockdown and now faces a possible fine or jail time. Ian Smith of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, says he’s implemented a safety protocol that goes far beyond the state’s guidelines for businesses. He’s been ticketed by cops anyway. Although he feels, in this case, the cops were doing what they were told by the state governor.

As long as the lockdown orders continue, there’s bound to be more incidents. Americans are eager to get out and resume some type of normalcy — but they need to do it safely.

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