Free Speech Advocates, Journalists Rush to Defend Joe Rogan Amid Controversy

Free Speech Advocates, Journalists Rush to Defend Joe Rogan Amid Controversy

( – The latest target of the cancel culture mob is internet broadcaster Joe Rogan, who hosts a popular podcast on the Spotify streaming platform. Liberal activists and celebrities are pressuring Spotify to shut down Rogan’s show, but so far the company is standing its ground – and now free speech supporters are closing ranks around Rogan.

On January 24, musician Neil Young threatened to take his music off Spotify unless Rogan’s podcast was canceled. Two days later, with Rogan still on air, he carried out his threat. On January 29, Joni Mitchell also pulled her music, as liberals continued to demand Rogan be silenced for “promoting COVID misinformation.”

The pressure isn’t all going one way, though. Rogan has found defenders – and they’re coming from both sides of the political spectrum. Deirdre Reilly at The Federalist turned Young’s own music against him, saying it had taught her to value free speech – which he was now opposing. Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley argued Spotify was probably keeping Rogan for financial reasons – his show is hugely popular – and that this was good news in the fight for First Amendment rights: If free speech makes money, companies will be more willing to defend it.

Rogan’s defenders cover a broad spectrum, from conservative journals like The American Spectator to columnist Kathleen Parker at the ultra-liberal Washington Post.

Is this a sign people are waking up to the dangers of cancel culture at last?

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