Fox News Star Slams Andrew Cuomo Following Scathing Report

Fox News Star Slams Andrew Cuomo Following Scathing Report

( – A Fox News presenter has delivered a devastating salvo to New York’s disgraced governor. It comes in the midst of a growing sexual harassment scandal that’s sending shockwaves through the Democratic Party.

On August 3, New York Attorney General Letitia James released the report of her investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), and it made for explosive reading. James concluded that Cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 women, including two state police troopers, in a “toxic” working environment created by him and his aides. The news has been met with calls for his resignation or impeachment – and Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean was one of the governor’s strongest critics.

In fact, Dean has been calling for Cuomo’s resignation since last year when her parents-in-law both died in New York nursing homes infected by the governor’s bungled COVID policies. She’s called for an investigation into his strategy of sending elderly COVID patients into residential facilities, as it affected thousands of vulnerable senior citizens.

Now, Dean’s calling on New York legislators to impeach Cuomo if he doesn’t resign. “I’ve always said I don’t care what brings him down,” she tweeted, “He’s a monster and deserves to go in shame.” She then reminded followers not to forget those who aren’t here to testify against the governor, because they died of coronavirus on his watch.

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