Fox News Reports “BRIBES” – It’s All Biden!

Jesse Waters Slams Biden:

Jesse Watters Slams Biden: “Even His Bribes Suck”

( – President Joe Biden is raiding our strategic fuel reserve again, releasing another flood of oil in an attempt to push gas prices down. Biden says it’s a response to recent production cuts by the OPEC+ cartel. Some people think he has a more cynical motive.

On October 19, Biden released 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which was already at its lowest level since 1984. The president announced the aim of the move was to cut gas prices and — strangely — boost domestic oil production. Even before he finished speaking, one reporter asked him about accusations he’s just trying to calm public anger about the cost of gas before the midterms. It wasn’t long before conservative commentators jumped on the same theme.

That night on “The Five,” panelists slammed the president for the “transparently political” fuel release. Co-host Jesse Watters said Biden was “raiding the rainy-day fund, and it’s not a rainy day.” He went on to condemn Biden for hypocrisy, dumping government oil on the market while also claiming fossil fuels are making hurricanes worse.

British panelist Piers Morgan said Biden always finds someone else to blame for his mistakes, while Greg Gutfeld chipped in with “Joe Biden is such an incompetent leader, even his bribes suck.” If Biden hoped his fuel bribe would win Democrats some more votes at the midterms, he better not count on getting any from “The Five.”

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