Fox News Is Widely More Popular Than CNN, MSNBC

Fox News Is Widely More Popular Than CNN, MSNBC

( – According to Fox News, the channel’s popular lineup attracted the most viewers from all over the country for the 25th week in a row for both daytime and primetime TV.

A report from January 31 through February 6 showed Fox News averaged 1.5 million viewers while USA, MSNBC, and CNN didn’t even break the 1 million mark. In fact, the network numbers beat the daytime numbers of its competitors with USA coming in at 811,000, MSNBC with 690,000 views and CNN with an embarrassing 467,000 in weekly viewership.

Fox News also reported 2.5 million viewers during primetime over the same week, with USA bringing in 1.4 million, MSNBC trailing slightly behind at 1.3 million, and CNN barely breaking the half-million mark at 555,000 viewers during peak watching hours.

The difference in ratings may be due to the impressive lineup on Fox News, including popular shows like “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaging 3.61 million watchers, “Jesse Watters Primetime” with about 3 million people tuning in, and rounding out the heavy hitters with “Hannity” just shy of the 3 million mark at 2.95 million viewers.

Meanwhile, MSNBC and CNN struggle with gaps in their lineup during key hours of the day with Rachel Maddow on temporary hiatus and Chris Cuomo ousted, sending viewers to find their news and commentary somewhere a bit more consistent.

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