Former White House Physician Faces Serious Allegations

Former White House Physician Faces Serious Allegations

( – A former White House physician, who’s now a United States Representative, has been accused of serious violations of professional standards. A new report by the DoD’s inspectors says the former admiral abused alcohol, drugs and female staff when he was on presidential duty.

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) became a medical officer in the US Navy in 1995. In 2006, he joined the White House Medical Unit, and in 2013, Barack Obama appointed him Physician to the President. He held this job until he retired from the Navy in December 2019 and ran for election in Texas’s 13th Congressional District.

However, a March 3 report by the Pentagon’s Inspector General says Jackson drank alcohol several times while accompanying the president and also took Ambien while on an overseas trip – potentially leaving him too drowsy to provide medical care for the president. The report also says Jackson regularly made sexually suggestive comments about female colleagues.

Jackson says the allegations are political, motivated by his support for President Trump. He called them “completely false and fabricated.”

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