Former Marine Protesting Prison Conditions in Russia, Reports Say

Former Marine Protesting Prison Conditions in Russia, Reports Say

( – A US Marine veteran locked up in a Russian prison has gone on hunger strike to protest the harsh conditions in which he’s being kept. Meanwhile, his frustrated parents wonder what our government is doing to bring him home.

Former Marine Trevor Reed doesn’t remember assaulting two Russian cops in August 2019. Russian authorities say that’s because he’d drunk himself into a blackout that night – but they can’t explain why Reed’s alleged victims don’t seem to recall the incident too well either. In a trial labeled “absurd” by the US Embassy in Moscow, the policemen contradicted each other and struggled to remember what had happened – but, nevertheless, Reed was convicted and sentenced to nine years. His family believes he’s being held as a political bargaining chip.

Now, he’s in solitary confinement in a labor camp in Mordovia, 300 miles east of Moscow. Reports say his tiny cell has no toilet and items delivered by the US Embassy for the 30-year-old Marine never reach him.

Reed’s been on hunger strike over his conditions since November 4. He hasn’t been able to talk to his family in months – and the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be doing anything to get him released.

Reed’s parents are increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress in their son’s case. They had high hopes in July, when President Biden met Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but since then nothing has happened. The Reeds want the administration to exchange their son for a Russian held by the US. Russia has hinted at a swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout, but so far Biden hasn’t taken them up on it. Now the Reeds want action.

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