Former Immigration Official Speaks Out After Retiring

Former Immigration Official Speaks Out After Retiring

( – A senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official quit over the Biden administration’s border policies, and now he’s speaking out. With unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico and the government failing to stop them, the former officer says he doesn’t want to be part of an organization that doesn’t enforce the law.

On August 3, Thomas Feeley, the former Director of Removals for New York ICE, spoke to conservative TV host Tucker Carlson about why he left his high-level immigration job. Feeley says that while the administration isn’t exactly telling ICE to break the law, they are telling them not to enforce it. He said if that’s what officials are going to “split hairs on,” things aren’t looking good for the country.

According to Feeley, the Biden administration has hired pro-immigration NGOs to work with ICE and DHS – and NGO staff have allegedly already worked out how to get around the law so they can let more migrants loose. Feeley recounted one shocking case where an NGO official called and told him to release an illegal immigrant because he hadn’t been arrested in the last 10 years, thus he shouldn’t be detained. Feeney pointed out the reason the man hadn’t been arrested was that he was a convicted arsonist who’d been in prison for 12 years. The reply? “We don’t really care.”

Last week, Feeley had finally had enough of being ignored and undermined. He quit, ending his 30-year career in our immigration system – a system that he feels is being rapidly and deliberately destroyed.

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