Flynn Says He Was Entrapped

Flynn Says He Was Entrapped

( The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights exist to protect the American people from an overbearing government. Every child has grown up hearing about those important documents in school. Some of those children fall prey to the Progressive Liberal agenda and end up paying lip service to the documents that protect our rights. But if the claims of a once honored and powerful man are true, people need to sit up and take notice of how fragile that protection might be.

Russian Collusion

Retired US Army Lieutenant General and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Michael Flynn was a prime target in the now-debunked Trump/Russia election “investigation.” According to newly released documents, the FBI maneuvered to force Flynn to plead guilty to a charge of lying to federal agents.

Just released and heavily redacted, but very telling documents have brought his attorneys back into federal court to argue that his sentence should be set aside. The attorneys base their case on the FBI’s admission they used illegal trickery to obtain a confession from Flynn.

Flynn’s defense team is pointing to emails and handwritten notes they claim prove the FBI pre-planned a scheme to trap him in a lie with the end goal of prosecuting him or getting him fired. This shows why any time one is asked to speak to law enforcement about anything, the first words out of their mouth should be: “right after you get me a lawyer.”

The Obama Connection

Everybody “knows” Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 presidential election and carry forward the far-left Agenda begun under Barack Obama. It was all but written in stone that she would be the next president. When the electoral votes were tallied, suddenly it was President Donald J. Trump moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And who should find himself on the transition team of the usurper (as the Liberals see it) but the man who ran the DIA (Flynn) under Obama? The man who undercut the former president’s claim that the intelligence community failed to warn him of how dangerous ISIS (the so-called Junior Varsity) was becoming.

To be clear, there has never been any inkling of a hint of an idea that Obama set up Flynn as a scapegoat. Period. The point here is at least two news stories came out in 2014 about the dispute, and how sometimes people devoted to someone in power can become loose cannons when they perceive an injustice.

Peter Strzok was the deputy assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division at the time the situation exploded in 2017. There are two undeniable facts about him — he’s an unabashed anti-Trumper and he ordered the Bureau’s investigation into Flynn to continue after agents were ready to close it, concluding there was no evidence.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has America by the throat and some state/local governments are overreaching with the extent of their stay-at-home orders, it’s more important than ever to make sure your rights are protected. This fiasco proves that even the head of a powerful intelligence agency like the FBI can get tripped up.

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