Florida Governor Issues Dire Warning to Illegal Migrants – “Life Will Not Be Easy for You”

Florida Governor Issues Dire Warning to Illegal Migrants -

(TargetLiberty.org) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is warning migrants to not come to his state. The governor made it clear the Sunshine State will not welcome them with open arms if they try to make it their home.

DeSantis’ comments come after the first bus arrived in DC from Texas to drop migrants off in the capital city. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) previously promised to ship them out of the Lone Star State and into Washington, DC, so President Joe Biden’s administration could provide them with their immediate needs.

Fox News interviewed some of the migrants after the bus dropped them off. They said they planned to head to Miami; those remarks are what set DeSantis off.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the Executive Office of the Governor of Florida was clear: “Do not come.” They went on to say “life will not be easy” for them because the state upholds the country’s immigration laws even though Biden’s administration has failed to do so.

DeSantis and Abbott have both been on the frontlines of the war against the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies. Unfortunately, the president continues to put people who entered the country ahead of the American people who are struggling to survive amid rising inflation.

Do you support Abbott and DeSantis in their fight against illegal immigration?

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