First Amendment Takes a Hit

First Amendment Takes a Hit

( – While the government has the right and responsibility to issue reasonable orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic, neither Congress nor President Trump has made a move to suspend the Constitution of the United States. However, Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) may not completely grasp that concept.

When it comes to stay-at-home orders, ask yourself about these three scenarios and whether people should be able to go:

  1. A bonfire at the beach?
  2. Sunday service at church?
  3. A protest of the government?

The answers are, “no”, “maybe” (if it’s a drive-in service), and “yes!” The reason the third one is affirmative is that it’s explicitly protected under the First Amendment. However, three women and one man were arrested outside the governor’s mansion while exercising those rights in North Carolina.

Fortunately, some governors like Republican Mike DeWine of Ohio understand the balance that must be maintained…even when some protesters go a bit overboard.

One thing that makes America unique in the world is the Bill of Rights established by the Founding Fathers. They were very well aware of the dangers in the world, and yet still gave these rights to the citizenry. If this country is to maintain any semblance of what it was before this crisis, those rights must be zealously protected.

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