Feds Charge Iranian Conspirators in Plot to Target US Journalist

Feds Charge Iranian Conspirators in Plot to Target US Journalist

(TargetLiberty.org) – Four Iranians have been charged with conspiracy after federal agents foiled a plot to kidnap a US journalist. The plotters were also targeting victims in the UK, Canada and the United Arab emirates.

On July 13, a Manhattan federal court unsealed an indictment against an Iranian intelligence officer and three men alleged to be part of an Iranian spy network. The four are accused of plotting to kidnap Brooklyn-based journalist Masih Alinejad and take her to Iran. Prosecutors allege the plot was masterminded by Alireza Shahvaroghi Farahani, an officer of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry. He and three others involved in planning the abduction are currently fugitives.

Alinejad was warned of the conspiracy late last year by the FBI, and says she’s been cooperating with them since then. It’s alleged the plotters put her and her family under surveillance, and planned to rent a high-powered speedboat to get her away from New York after she’d been snatched.

As well as Alinejad, at least three people in Canada, one in the UK and an unknown number in the UAE were being targeted for abduction by Farahani’s group. It’s believed that all had been critical of the Iranian regime.

Tehran has been increasingly aggressive since President Biden came to office, pushing hard for concessions in nuclear weapons talks; now they’re trying to silence their critics, even in the US. Does freedom of speech now mean the freedom to say anything as long as it’s approved by the mad mullahs?

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