FDA Could Take Up to 75 Years to Release ALL Pfizer Safety Info

FDA Could Take Up to 75 Years to Release ALL Pfizer Safety Info

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked a federal judge to let it release its vital vaccine data on a schedule it devised itself. The agency wants to release 500 pages of documentation a month. There’s just one problem – it has nearly half a million pages.

Attorney Aaron Siri’s firm, Siri & Glimstad LLP, has been trying to get the FDA to release the documentation it relied on when it granted an emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Siri wanted the FDA to turn over the paperwork in a maximum of 108 days – the same length of time it took to approve the vaccine. Instead, the agency proposed a timescale of decades, and when a judge asked it to justify the delay, it asked for even more time.

According to Siri’s calculations, the FDA has at least 451,000 pages of documentation on the vaccine, and if it’s allowed to dribble it out at 500 pages a month it will take over 75 years to release it all. Siri argued since it managed to release 12,000 pages in the first two months there’s no way it needs this long to get through the rest.

The question is, why is the FDA so reluctant to turn over this data? US taxpayers have paid billions to help Pfizer develop, manufacture and supply the vaccine. Vaccine mandates are forcing Americans to accept the vaccine or lose their jobs. Thanks to immunity granted by the Department of Health and Human Services, recipients can’t even sue Pfizer if the vaccine harms them. So why can’t we know what persuaded the FDA to approve it?

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