FBI Rescues 33 Missing Children in California

FBI Rescues 33 Missing Children in California

(TargetLiberty.org) – Throughout former President Donald Trump’s tenure, the FBI and DOJ partnered with law enforcement agencies around the country to find missing children. Shortly before he left office, another investigation began and we now know the results.

Operation Lost Angels began on January 11, and by Friday, January 22, the FBI announced 33 missing children were found during a sting in California. Federal law enforcement agencies worked with the LAPD, LA County Sheriff’s Department and others to find kids who they believed were being “sexually exploited and/or trafficked.”

According to the FBI press release, two of the victims were rescued multiple times. Sadly, the agency said it’s not uncommon for victims to return to commercial sex trafficking “either voluntarily or by force, fraud, or coercion.”

Only one of the accused traffickers has been arrested, but multiple investigations are ongoing. Hopefully, Joe Biden’s administration will continue Trump’s work and to save children.

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