FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Gambling With Government Money

FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Gambling With Government Money

(TargetLiberty.org) – A sports manager who was jailed after a federal sting operation is demanding a new trial after one of the agents who investigated him was convicted last month – for gambling taxpayers’ money during the investigation.

Sports manager Christian Dawkins was convicted on bribery charges at two trials in 2018 and 2019. On March 1, he started a two-year prison sentence for attempting to bribe college basketball coaches to steer players to his agency. He was arrested after undercover FBI agents offered him money to pass on to coaches, leaving him open to the bribery allegations.

However, now Dawkins wants a new trial, because he says the behavior of one of the agents could have prejudiced the original investigation. The officer – former FBI Special Agent Scott Carpenter – was one of four who met Dawkins in Las Vegas as part of the sting operation. Unfortunately, it seems Carpenter got a little carried away by the delights of Sin City. At Dawkins’s trial, the prosecution admitted the agent had gambled and spent government money on food and beverages, but insisted his misconduct wasn’t related to the case.

Now it’s emerged, in fact, Carpenter blew $13,500 of taxpayers’ money on gambling. He’s starting a one-year jail sentence – but Dawkins wants another chance to prove his innocence, and says Carpenter’s behavior could be a sign of deeper rot within federal law enforcement.

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