Father Kept $20+ MILLION Secret To Save His Children!

Man Kept Giant Lottery Winning a Secret To Keep His Family Hard-Working

Man Kept Giant Lottery Winning a Secret To Keep His Family Hard-Working

(TargetLiberty.org) – Many people dream of winning the lottery, sharing their lofty plans of what they’d do with their windfall with friends and family, should they be so lucky. Some think about quitting their jobs, buying big houses and fancy cars, or jet-setting around the world. Instead of such glamorous goals, one man in China decided to keep his luck a secret — even from his family.

On October 24, the gentleman, referred to only as Mr. Li, arrived at his local lottery office in Nanning to claim his fortune of 219 million yuan (over $30 million using current exchange rates). The new millionaire came dressed in a yellow cartoon costume to shield his identity. Although he was happy about the money, he wanted to keep his name and winnings under wraps.

Li said he was concerned his wife and child would become lazy if they knew he hit the jackpot since the family would be financially set for life. The lucky recipient worried they would not “work hard in the future.” To earn his winnings, Mr. Li invested in 40 tickets in a little town outside Nanning, all with the same seven numbers (each one paying out nearly 5 million yuan). Upon finding out he had won the Guangxi Welfare Lottery, the man traveled to claim his prize while being careful to keep the ticket safe. While in town, he didn’t dare leave the hotel.

He didn’t keep all the money for himself, however, giving 5 million yuan straight to charity. He’s not sure what he’ll do with the rest of his windfall. Li said he’s played for years using the same numbers, and this time, he struck gold.

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