Fast Food Workers Strike Over Masks

Fast Food Workers Strike Over Masks

( – Staff at a California McDonalds is taking matters into their own hands after alleging management failed to take their safety into consideration. Several workers went on strike Tuesday, claiming they’ve been ordered to use improvised masks instead of proper PPE.

More than 20 workers walked out of the Oakland restaurant and took to social media to say they’ve been told to wear coffee filters or (unused) dog diapers as masks. Four employees at the restaurant are currently ill with the Wuhan virus, and the strikers are demanding two weeks’ paid quarantine leave. They also want McDonald’s to pay their medical costs.

The strike is being supported by “Fight for $15,” a pressure group that wants the minimum wage hiked to a job-destroying $15 an hour.

However, the restaurant’s management strongly denies the allegations – and it’s noticeable that most of their 375 staff haven’t joined the walkout. Is this a real scandal, or is it an attempt by political activists to force through an expensive policy under cover of the pandemic?

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