Farmers and Truckers Grapple With Sky-High Inflation

Farmers and Truckers Grapple With Sky-High Inflation

U.S. Working Class SMASHED By Bidenflation — And It’s Only Getting Worse

( – Inflation is squeezing American families from every conceivable angle. They’re paying more for nearly everything from food to medical care. Gas prices have skyrocketed. According to AAA, the current average price of a gallon of regular gas is $4.413 as of July 22. Diesel is even more expensive at $5.455 per gallon.

The cost of fuel is hitting some industries like truckers and farmers harder than others.

Soaring Costs for Truckers

The war on Russia helped drive the price of diesel up more than it did regular gas. In some cases, truckers completely turn down jobs if they’re in areas with especially high fuel prices.

Deb LaBree, a long-haul trucker who delivers pharmaceuticals, told the Associated Press she has developed strategies to help keep prices down. For example, she won’t take a job if the customer’s load is far away or they cannot pay extra for gas. She also said she no longer takes jobs in the Northeast or on the West Coast, where diesel costs more. AAA reported the average gallon of diesel fuel in California is $6.601, $6.260 in Oregon, and $6.234 in Washington. The price per gallon in DC is $5.738, 30 cents more than the national average.

The trucking industry was already experiencing shortages before the gas prices increased. Drivers have complained about long hours, low pay, and a generally nasty attitude towards them, even though they’re the backbone of the supply chain. Now, these undervalued workers are being forced to pay extra costs because of the fuel crisis.

Farmers Suffer

American farmers have been struggling for decades. Not only do they have to contend with multinational corporations buying up farms and land, but also rising temperatures and persistent droughts. In June, the Texas Policy Foundation revealed increased fuel and fertilizer costs are making it very difficult for growers to keep their prices low for consumers.

Farmer Victor Zillmer told the foundation he has always tried to keep prices low, but it’s getting increasingly harder. “The thing is, with petroleum, it’s used to make nitrogen fertilizer, and that’s basically tripled in price,” he explained.

Consumers Feel the Impact

While workers in the farming and trucking industries are feeling the prices eat into their profits, Americans are seeing their bank accounts dwindle when they go grocery shopping. The food index is at a 40-year high, just like inflation. Prices have increased by over 10% in the last year. That means families are paying more for less when they go shopping. While it hurts everyone, no matter their socio-economic status, the working class is being hit the hardest.

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