Famous Athlete Blasted Online After He Apologizes to China

Famous Athlete Blasted Online After He Apologizes to China

(TargetLiberty.org) – Actor John Cena offended China and its legions of online trolls recently, and decided the best thing to do was issue a humiliating apology. The way Hollywood grovels to the Communists these days isn’t too surprising. The online backlash might have come as a shock, though.

Promoting Fast and Furious 9 on Taiwanese TV earlier this month, Cena told viewers that Taiwan would be the first country to watch the movie. Predictably, he was immediately swarmed by people insisting that Taiwan isn’t a country, but a province of Communist China.

Instead of telling the Communists to get back under their bridge, Cena posted a message to Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo with an apology for his “mistake.”

The internet was not amused. One Twitter message said, “China neutered John Cena for the entire world to see.” Others ridiculed him for “kowtowing” or “bowing and scraping.” Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong called out his cowardice for “erasing an entire nation.”

Cena’s apology might play well in Beijing, but it hasn’t done him any favors in the US.

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