Fact Check: Is Trump a Racist?

Fact Check: Is Trump a Racist?

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Donald Trump has long sought to heal the national divide over class resentment and racial unrest. Recent policy decisions in this arena couldn’t come at a better time with the country struggling with the recent death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died while in police custody.

Trump’s position on race was the subject of controversy after the Sept. 29 presidential debate. However, as former NFL running back Herschel Walker explained during an interview with Fox News, the president’s record on pushing back against racism speaks for itself.

Walker, a friend of Trump’s for 37 years, suggested Americans judge the president for his actions. Walker said he’s heard Mr. Trump speak out against racist groups over the years.

His Actions Speak for Themselves

The president has worked in recent months to heal the country’s wounds in the wake of the death of black men and women at the hands of police officers. For example, he spoke with members of George Floyd’s family on the phone. He extended condolences to Breonna Taylor’s family after a grand jury indicted one of the police officers involved in her shooting death during a botched police raid.

The president banned divisive and anti-American diversity training at federal agencies in early September and extended the prohibition a couple of weeks later to include contractors and companies doing business with the federal government. The president has also provided federal assistance to American cities plagued by racial unrest to restore law and order.

Likewise, the Trump administration works globally to promote fundamental human rights and push back against racial strive. In late Sept., the administration reaffirmed America’s commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

President Trump’s record speaks for itself. He has spoken out against racism and white supremacist groups, as Herschel Walker explained. His administration has taken a proactive approach to promoting fundamental human rights at home and abroad.

Is Donald Trump a racist? All one has to do is look to his actions for the answer.

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