Facebook’s Facial Recognition App

Facebook's Facial Recognition App

Facebook is facing criticism once again over their use of invasive technology.

Recent reports indicated that between 2015 and 2016, the social media giant tested its real-time facial recognition software on its employees and their friends.

Facebook had admitted to developing the software to do this, but denied that anyone’s social networks were linked to their identities. The company added:

“The app described here were only available to Facebook employees, and could only recognize employees and their friends who had face recognition enabled.”

The company continued to point out that the app was just “a way to learn about new technologies, our teams regularly build apps to use internally.” Of course, its track record says otherwise.

Invading the privacy of its users has been an ongoing issue with FB. Earlier this month, iPhone users discovered that a bug allowed the social media app to access some people’s cameras while they were scrolling through their newsfeed. While Facebook is an integral part of our society, the company’s constant disregard for individual privacy is worrisome.

Do you think the benefits of Facebook are worth the risks to your privacy? Let us know in the comments.

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