Facebook to Remove Coronavirus “Misinformation” About Vaccines

Facebook to Remove Coronavirus

(TargetLiberty.org) – Facebook says it’s going to start removing anti-vaccination propaganda from its platforms. The social media company has been wary of limiting news about vaccines so far, but now, with Pfizer’s already approved in the UK, it says it’s time to take action.

On November 30 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – who faced tough questions from a Senate committee last month over his company’s restrictions on free speech – said Facebook would offer “authoritative information” about COVID vaccines. So far he hasn’t offered any details on what that information will be, but removing misinformation seems to be a higher priority.

Facebook official Kang-Xing Jin says the platform will delete anything that makes false claims about what’s in the vaccine. For example, conspiracy theories that say it contains microchips. They’ll also shut down conspiracy theories linking COVID to 5G radiation. Whatever the truth about the novel coronavirus, though, a bigger question remains – why does Facebook have so much power over what information the American people get to see?

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