Facebook Hit With 4 Antitrust Lawsuits

Facebook Hit With 4 Antitrust Lawsuits

(TargetLiberty.org) – The administration is stepping up its campaign against Big Tech’s dominance of the information market, with up to four new lawsuits likely to hit Facebook and Google in the next few weeks. These follow from a case filed against Google last month.

In the aftermath of the disputed presidential election, the administration is unhappy with how tech companies are shaping the information available to the public. In fact, both sides of the political divide are angry at Facebook. Republicans say that by blocking or sidelining Conservative voices, the company is practicing censorship, while many Democrats say it isn’t practicing enough censorship.

The Federal Trade Commission is taking the lead in the latest round of lawsuits, arguing that the behavior of Facebook and Google is shutting out competitors. Trade officials in up to eight states are also looking at the companies, and are likely to start their own legal action by the end of January.

Facebook and Google may have influenced the results of this election, but a lot of people are determined to stop them from doing it again.

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