Experts Warn Large Swaths of US Could Face Power Shortages This Summer

Experts Warn Large Swaths of US Could Face Power Shortages This Summer

Biden’s Blackout America: U.S. Citizens Warned To Prepare For Summer Outages

( – As summer fast approaches, global power grids are going to be pushed to their limits. There are concerns large swaths of the US could experience power outages during the hottest months of the year.

In May, the North American Electric Reliability Corp. released its 2022 Summer Reliability Assessment and the news isn’t good. Experts believe residents in many US states are going to experience brownouts and blackouts over the summer. A brownout occurs when an electrical grid sees a drop in voltage either intentionally or unintentionally; a blackout is a complete interruption of power from the grid. Sometimes power companies conduct rolling blackouts to try to prevent overloading the system.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and other states are at high risk of power outages during the hottest days of the year. Other states, including California, Texas, Washington, and Idaho are at an elevated risk.

Bloomberg broke down the report, stating the drought in the West, the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues and lasting effects from the pandemic are all contributing to an energy crisis. People are ultimately going to be the ones who suffer as temperatures soar and there isn’t enough energy to go around to cool homes and businesses. The US isn’t the only country that’s going to feel the heat, literally. Asia and Europe are also facing challenges.

Americans in the impacted regions can help mitigate the damage by conserving energy when possible. The bottom line is, it’s going to be a scorcher and you may go hours without any AC.

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