Ex-Homeland Security Chief Thinks There’s Enough Evidence to Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas

Ex-Homeland Security Chief Thinks There's Enough Evidence to Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas

IMPEACHMENT? Biden May Face A New Problem!

(TargetLiberty.org) – A former Trump Administration cabinet secretary has slammed his successor, giving him a failing grade. Chad Wolf said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is falling down on his duty to enforce the law — and speculated that his failures could hit the threshold for impeachment.

Mayorkas took over the position when President Joe Biden came to office last year. Wolf was asked by the Washington Times on August 24 to grade Mayorkas. “Oh, it’s an F,” he said, adding that if you look at how Mayorkas is performing, there’s no way to give him a passing grade.

Wolf criticized Mayorkas for refusing to allow enforcement action against entire categories of illegal immigrants — he’s violating his duty to uphold the laws passed by Congress. He said the Biden Administration’s insistence that entering the US illegally isn’t in itself a justification for deportation, “You basically just said breaking a federal law means you’re not going to be removed.” He said it’s up to Congress whether Mayorkas should be impeached for his failure and added there’s “a very strong case.”

Mayorkas’s weakness on illegal immigration has been a long-running sore point with GOP legislators. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says impeaching the embattled secretary will be on the table if Republicans take control of the House in November. Just to make matters worse, immigrant rights groups also want him impeached.

Can Mayorkas survive being under fire from both sides?

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