Ex-Biden Aide Jen Psaki Brought To Justice

White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TargetLiberty.org) – Jen Psaki, who previously served as the White House press secretary and now works as an MSNBC host, has been frequently mentioned in a federal judge’s temporary order. This order inhibits White House officials from interacting with tech corporations to advocate for the suppression of certain content on social media platforms.

In this interim order, the judge made note of Psaki’s efforts to persuade Facebook and other online platforms to curb misinformation regarding the pandemic on May 5, 2021. He particularly drew attention to an instance during a White House Press Conference where Psaki openly stated that these platforms could face “legal repercussions” if they did not take steps to more sternly “mitigate the spread of false information”.

The injunction, penned by Louisiana Judge Terry A. Doughty, was issued in response to legal actions initiated by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri. These legal suits argue that the White House attempted to suppress freedom of speech on tech platforms during the pandemic crisis. The injunction further emphasized that Psaki had been urging all social media platforms to increase efforts against both misinformation and disinformation while endorsing factual content.

Doughty’s injunction has now restrained numerous federal officials and agencies, encompassing several of Biden’s cabinet members and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, from establishing communication with any tech firms with the intent to curb freedom of speech. The judge’s order also speculated that the previous activities of the government were possibly infringing upon the “Free Speech Clause.”

If the allegations contained in this lawsuit are substantiated, the injunction posits that it would represent the most significant assault on freedom of speech in U.S. history.

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