Energy Expert Predicts Gas Prices Could Quickly Spike to $5 per Gallon

Gasoline Prices Could Spike to $5 per Gallon Real Quick

( – When gasoline prices rise, it hits the American people hard because it’s something they use every day. The pandemic and OPEC’s refusal to increase supply to meet demand has already caused skyrocketing gas prices. A recent Fox News guest is concerned the prices might shoot up even more.

On January 27, oil trader Phil Flynn appeared on Fox News to talk about oil prices. The energy expert said he believes President Joe Biden’s policies are going to cause serious issues, greatly affecting Americans and others around the globe. He believes the POTUS’ anti-fossil fuel agenda, coupled with the issues with Ukraine and Russia, could cause the price of gas to increase to $5 per gallon.

Gas prices have been on the rise since the country opened up in 2021. When the pandemic began, the price of crude oil plummeted. At one point the price was negative per barrel. As the pandemic wore on and the world reopened, the demand for gas increased but the supply didn’t keep up. OPEC refused to increase the supply to meet demand, despite calls for it to do so, causing prices to rise dramatically.

Do you agree Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda is going to make the problem worse?

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