Employee Watches, Stunned, as Shopper Eats Soap

Employee Watches, Stunned, as Shopper Eats Soap

(TargetLiberty.org) – During the holidays, it’s common for stores to put out goodies like cookies, coffee and candy canes for their patrons. Often, the displays represent the products available for purchase in the store, but not always. While out shopping with a friend at Lush Cosmetics, TikTok-er Jackie Gansky grabbed a yummy-looking soap sample from a dish in front of an employee and took a big bite.

After a few seconds of shock, the employee let her know she was eating a bar of soap, so the woman promptly spat out the product and began laughing. What else could she do?

Gansky’s TikTok went viral with over 3.1 million views and counting. Many of the 26,000 commenters couldn’t get over the look in the Lush employee’s eyes as he watched on in absolute confusion and disbelief.

Maybe even funnier than the video itself were the comments from people with similar stories. One person told of a story about a wedding where an attendant mistook a flower-shaped slab of butter for a decadent piece of white chocolate, popping it straight in his mouth.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen a customer do in a store while shopping? Share your funniest story.

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