Emerging Signs of a Second Outbreak?

Emerging Signs of a Second Outbreak?

(TargetLiberty.org) – Is the world ready for a second wave of COVID-19? Now that some politicians and prominent scientists see encouraging results in the fight against this deadly virus, they’re also warning everyone to continue the individual safeguards that have apparently helped minimize its spread. If people start feeling like the big danger is over, they may also let their guards down which could aggravate the situation.

A few Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, saw the virus headed their way early on and initiated strong precautions. After what appears to have been a short-lived success, these same countries are now concerned about a second wave as the number of new cases creeps upward.

Reports from CNA, a news source from Singapore, show China is seeing a rise in asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, raising concerns of a second wave of infections.

According to Reuters in Beijing — “Mainland China…the number of asymptomatic cases also surged as the government vowed tighter controls at land borders.”

In South Korea, 51 people have tested positive for COVID-19 after having the disease and recovering from it, testing negative before being given the all-clear. While the reasons for this re-infection isn’t clear, it could mean that immunity is not guaranteed once you’ve had it.

Will people continue to be susceptible to a second wave even after they’ve recovered from the virus? Will people with no symptoms start a new round of infections?

Time will tell.

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