Election Process Drags On Amid Lawsuits, Disputes

Election Process Drags on Amid Lawsuits, Disputes

(TargetLiberty.org) – The presidential election is now dragging out into its second week, with the eventual winner still unclear. Although the mainstream media has rushed to declare Joe Biden the winner, the reality is final results for several key states aren’t yet known. Attorney General Bill Barr has ordered the Justice Department to look into allegations of fraud, and President Trump’s team has already launched lawsuits or challenges in five states.

So far, recounts are likely in Wisconsin. Georgia has already said it will do a full hand recount. Biden holds a narrow lead in both, but those leads are smaller than the number of uncounted votes. There’s also a dispute over late mail-in ballots being added to a pile of legal votes. The local GOP and President Trump have asked a judge to have all late ballots separated and accounted for.

Michigan’s Court of Claims threw out a lawsuit on election observers last Thursday, claiming that the state’s chief election officer wasn’t responsible for how votes were counted. It’s unlikely Michigan Republicans will let it rest there — an appeal is probable.

In Nevada, Biden has been declared winner by 2.6% — but 6% of votes, including many military ones, have yet to be counted. There are also worries that non-residents and the deceased have managed to vote illegally.

Finally in Pennsylvania, the basis of Biden’s victory claims, multiple lawsuits have been filed. One of them has now been attached to a Supreme Court case about the legality of extending the mail-in voting deadline to November 6. Republicans also won a case last Thursday, overturning a ban on election observers standing within 25 feet of the counting – but lost another, aimed at making sure GOP observers could be present at all counts. Illegal ballots have also been found in the state.

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