Elderly Woman Attacked By Bison While Touring Yellowstone

Elderly Woman Attacked By Bison While Touring Yellowstone

SECOND Yellowstone Tragedy Occurs Within A Three-Day Span

(TargetLiberty.org) – An elderly tourist was attacked by a bison in Yellowstone National Park last week. The victim had to be hospitalized for her injuries. Horrifyingly, it was the second bison attack in the park in just three days.

On June 29, a 71-year-old Pennsylvania woman and her daughter had just finished a hike around Yellowstone’s central lake, and were returning to their car when a male bison suddenly charged them. The animal gored the woman with its horns. The National Park Service says her injuries weren’t life-threatening, but she had to be evacuated to a hospital in Cody, WY. Park rangers say the woman had accidentally approached the bison.

The attack came two days after a 34-year-old Colorado man was chased, gored, and flung in the air by a Yellowstone bison. Park officials said the man and his family were walking along a boardwalk near the Old Faithful geyser when a male bison charged them. There was another attack near Old Faithful on May 27, when a 25-year-old Ohio woman ignored safety advice and approached a bison. When she came within 10 feet of the animal it charged and gored her.

Yellowstone’s rules say visitors shouldn’t approach bison closer than 25 yards. They also warn the animals are unpredictable and can run three times faster than a human — and, as this year’s attacks show, they’re dangerous. Are we losing our respect for wild animals?

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