Educator Arrested After Winning ‘Teacher of the Year’ Award

Educator Arrested After Winning

( – Authorities arrested a Florida teacher for assaulting a student – just two days after she won her school district’s Teacher of the Year award.

On October 27, 60-year-old Caroline Lee was named Teacher of the Year by Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, FL. The district announced the award on their Instagram page, but a student’s comment accusing Lee of using a racial slur in class quickly soured any rejoicing.

Lee replied to the comment, clarifying she had discussed – not used – “the N word” during a class on John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men last year; she then called the student in for an interview on October 29 to discuss the comment. However, the student refused to go to Lee’s office, and Lee ended up talking to her in her classroom.

According to the student, once they were alone in the classroom, Lee asked why she had threatened her; when the student denied making a threat, Lee reportedly slapped her face, then called her a “f**king b***h” while hitting her on the head and kicking her leg. Surveillance cameras show the student leaving the classroom holding her face and going straight to her guidance counselor; she had a bloody nose when she arrived there.

Lee denies hitting the student, but school police arrested her, and the school has suspended her from classroom duties. On Tuesday, she told NBC News, “I am in shock. I never saw this coming.”

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