Early Voters Want a ‘Redo’ After Candidates Drop Out

Early Voters Want a 'Redo' After Candidates Drop Out

(TargetLiberty.org) – Hundreds of early voters across the country are calling for a “redo” after three Democratic candidates dropped out of the race this past weekend.

State officials in Utah say early voters have been calling and emailing “non-stop.” They want to know what happens now if they’ve already voted for a candidate that’s no longer running.

Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen said it’s “sad” that so many people feel like their vote was wasted and want a chance to change their pick.

Early voters in Utah aren’t the only ones upset that they voted for a candidate who has now suspended their campaign. Voters in California are also “feeling ripped off.”

Unfortunately, early voters will not get a chance to recast their votes. Matthew Patterson, the Utah Democratic Party Executive Director, said that voting early is a “gamble” because there’s no guarantee your candidate will still be around on election night — it’s a risk you take.

However, Patterson explained that these votes are not completely wasted. They’ll still be counted on election night and these former candidates can still be awarded delegates. They then have the option to release those delegates to another candidate that’s still running.

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