Driver in Car Crash That Led to Multiple Deaths Now Facing Charges

Driver in Car Crash That Led to Multiple Deaths Now Facing Charges

DEADLY Car Crash Driver Facing Charges – Justice Served!

( – A Texas woman was charged with murder in a Los Angeles court on Monday after five people and an unborn baby died last week in a multi-car crash. The lawyer of the accused is already working on a mental health defense, but he could struggle, based on evidence of her appalling driving record.

Los Angeles cops say that on August 4, 37-year-old Nicole Lorraine Linton was driving through Windsor Hills, an unincorporated suburb of Los Angeles, when she ran a red light traveling at 90mph. Linton’s Mercedes smashed into vehicles at a busy intersection. Several vehicles caught fire, and five people, including one woman who was eight and a half months pregnant, died.

On August 8, Linton, in a wheelchair, appeared in a Los Angeles County court to face six charges of murder and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter. The charges of murder include one for the unborn child. Her defense attorney says his client has “profound” but unspecified mental health issues that could be related to the crash. However, prosecutors say she also has a history of bad driving, racking up at least 13 previous crashes, and knew she was a dangerous driver.

Linton didn’t enter a plea on Monday, and her arraignment was held over to October. The court ordered she be held without bail until a hearing next week. If convicted, she faces approximately 90 years to life in prison.

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