Drive-In Protest in Michigan

Drive-In Protest in Michigan

( – Lansing, MI, drivers jumped in their cars on Wednesday to protest Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s widening social-distancing restrictions. Protesters blasted their car horns and citizens on foot waved flags and held posters in objection to the governor’s policies. The protest, tagged as ‘Operation Gridlock,’ resulted in huge traffic jams around the state capital.

Governor Whitmer expanded her state’s stay-at-home orders over the weekend to the point of frustration for many residents. Rosanne Ponkowski, president of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, stated some counties have no or few cases, yet their businesses are restricted from opening. In fact, as of April 15, 21 of the 83 counties in Michigan have five or fewer cases according to the state’s own statistics.

According to reports, protesters could be heard chanting “Open up Michigan!” At one point, “lock her up” could also be heard.

Michigan isn’t alone in its citizens wanting to express their rights. In Columbus, OH, and Raleigh, NC, protesters also gathered to let their voices be heard.

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