Dozens of Bodies Discovered in Mexico

Dozens of Bodies Identified in Mexico

( – Over 60 bodies and thousands of bone fragments have been exhumed from a mass grave in Mexico – probably victims of one of the country’s vicious gang wars.

On November 17, Mexican activists announced a search of a mass grave in the coastal city of Alvarado, in the southeastern state of Veracruz, has led to the discovery of 65 bodies and at least 5,000 fragments of human bones.

The clandestine grave was first discovered over four years ago, in March 2017, but the initial 2018 search was halted by the State Attorney General two months after it launched. The search started up again last year — and then it was abruptly cut short by the COVID pandemic. Then it restarted in February, after pressure from the activist group dedicated to finding the bodies of people who’ve gone missing in conflicts between Mexico’s notorious drug cartels, many of them innocents caught in the crossfire.

The Daily Mail reports that in the last year, almost 500 hidden graves have been discovered in Mexico, containing more than 1,000 bodies. Three-quarters of them are still unidentified – and over 90,000 people are still reported missing. Police are still searching the grave in Alvarado, where founder Solecito Colectivo founder Ángeles Diaz Gaona believes there could be hundreds more bodies buried.

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