Dozens of Amazon Employees Walk Out in Protest of Company

Dozens of Amazon Employees Walk Out in Protest of Company

Amazon DISASTER – Employees Just Walked Out!

( – Amazon’s California air freight hub was paralyzed on Monday after dozens of workers walked out. The company is facing growing challenges from labor unions who say its workers are underpaid and forced to work in unsafe conditions. Amazon denies the claims.

Labor organizers said over 150 workers walked out of Amazon’s San Bernardino, CA air hub on Monday afternoon, bringing the distribution center to a halt. Employees are protesting about having to work in 100-degree heat, on top of complaints their wages aren’t high enough.

Although the San Bernardino facility isn’t unionized, a group of workers calling itself Inland Empire Amazon Workers United organized the walkout. The group formed earlier this year after some employees lost money through unexpected holiday closures in 2021. Now it’s expanded its list of grievances. Among other things, they want a $5-per-hour pay raise and better working conditions.

Amazon disputes the size of the walkout, saying only 74 employees quit their posts. The company also says the entire San Bernardino hub has indoor air conditioning. The base pay for workers at the hub is $17 an hour, well clear of the $15 California minimum wage.

Monday’s strike was the first organized labor action in Amazon’s airfreight operation, which is the national backbone of the company’s logistics system. Industry experts say while Amazon can easily bypass a local warehouse shut down by protests, disruption at an air hub is much more serious — and can mean millions of Americans waiting longer for their parcels.

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