Donald Trump’s Big DELAY Revealed – Special Report!

Donald Trump Reportedly To Delay His Running Announcement Until 2023

Donald Trump Reportedly To Delay His Running Announcement Until 2023

( – Former President Donald Trump has been teasing a possible presidential run for months. He has said in the past he would wait to see what happened during the midterm elections before he made a definitive decision. That made sense because if Democrats maintained the House of Representatives and the Senate, it would theoretically be harder for the 45th POTUS. After all, Liberals have made attacking him one of their primary goals.

The GOP is now poised to take back the House (at the very least), but Trump might not make the big announcement in the coming weeks after all.

Speculation About Timing

Nearly all political pundits agree that Trump will run again in 2024. GETTR CEO Jason Miller, a former official for the ex-POTUS, sat down for an interview with “Just the News, No Noise” TV show on October 31. He said that he agrees his former boss is going to run for the White House again.

However, Miller said his “gut” is telling him that Trump isn’t going to actually announce the White House bid until “a little closer to the first of the year or maybe even just after the first of the year.”

Although Miller doesn’t think the former president will announce his bid right after the midterms, other reports say otherwise. The Associated Press reported Trump’s team is making preparations for the campaign launch that could take place soon after the midterms. The piece claims he thinks the former POTUS is hoping to capitalize on midterm wins to become the frontrunner. But others think he’s already secure in that role.

Trump Remains Popular

Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told the AP if his former boss runs, “he will be very difficult for any Republican to defeat.”

Priebus is right about Trump’s popularity. The former president has never left the spotlight since leaving the White House. He has maintained his base for the last two years, and hundreds of people still come out to see him give speeches.

According to those close to him, the 45th president wants to be in the thick of things. His allies are reportedly looking at the two weeks after the midterms as a possible time to launch his 2024 campaign. But that might change if the Georgia races move into a runoff.

It’s not clear what Trump will do if Democrats don’t lose their majorities. Will the former president still throw his hat in the ring, or will he stay on the sidelines? Voters will get the answers they’re seeking soon.

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