Donald Trump Sweeps in New Polls

Donald Trump Sweeps in New Polls

( – There was more bad news for President Biden last week, as the latest poll shows his popularity staying stubbornly low. Americans are suffering from rising prices, and they blame Biden. Now, former President Donald Trump has a solid lead over the president – and it could carry over to the 2024 election.

A new poll released last week by Emerson College shows 47% of Americans have a favorable opinion of President Biden – but 59% feel that way about Donald Trump. The poll also found Biden still has a lead among college graduates and city residents, but Trump is racing ahead in rural areas.

One likely reason for Trump’s lead is most people are suffering the effects of rising inflation – 83% say they’re suffering hardship because of rising prices – and they’re blaming Biden for it. A majority of Americans also think the president should prioritize domestic issues over foreign policy, with the economy being the biggest worry for most respondents.

Emerson also asked respondents who they would vote for if Trump and Biden were the candidates in the next presidential election. Forty-five percent (45%) said they would vote for Trump, while 42% prefer Biden. Can Biden turn that around before the election? So far it’s not looking likely.

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