Donald Trump Says He Loves Ron DeSantis As Liberal Fake News Swirls

Donald Trump Says He Loves Ron DeSantis As Liberal Fake News Swirls

( – Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) have always had a very good relationship. The leader of the Sunshine State was actually elected by running on an America First platform, even creating a campaign ad showing himself reading a bedtime story to his children about building a wall. Recently, the mainstream media has made it seem as though the two men aren’t getting along, but the former POTUS has now debunked the rumor.

During a phone call with reporters on January 19, Trump said he has a “very good relationship” with the governor. He reminded the press that when DeSantis ran in 2018, he won the day Trump announced his endorsement.

The former president went on to shred the lie that he’s currently fighting with DeSantis as the media has claimed. He said his support to the Florida governor continues to this day and he thinks DeSantis is “very good.” DeSantis’ team has also denied the rumors.

Conservatives have called out the press for its attempts to drive a wedge between the two most popular leaders in the Republican Party.

There’s a theory the press wants to make it seem as though they’re fighting because many Republicans would like to see DeSantis run for president if Trump doesn’t in 2024. The Left is reportedly hoping to divide the base. However, neither the 45th president or governor are letting it happen.

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