Donald Trump Says Georgia Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect Elections

Donald Trump Says Georgia Isn't Doing Enough to Protect Elections

( – The Left is outraged at Georgia’s new electoral integrity laws – but some Conservatives are saying the reforms don’t go far enough. Now former President Trump has joined the criticism, saying the state’s governor and lieutenant governor watered down the new law.

On April 5, Trump released a statement through his political action committee, Save America, saying the law is an improvement on what Georgia had before – but still doesn’t go far enough. Trump says the law leaves out signature matching and other security measures.

On March 25, Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed the election reform bill, which replaces signature matching with an ID requirement for mail-in voters. Trump says the new rules should be as well as signature matching, not instead of it. He also said the law should have been changed before last November’s election, a move that would have prevented the many disputes over Georgia’s results.

Trump also slammed companies criticizing the new laws, including Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball, and urged Republicans to boycott them.

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