Donald Trump Reacts to Big Tech Censorship

Donald Trump Reacts to Big Tech Censorship

( – On March 30, Facebook removed a video Lara Trump posted of an interview she conducted with her father-in-law, Donald Trump. The social media giant quickly removed her video from Instagram and Facebook, citing its ban of the former president and stating it extends to his voice. And he had a lot to say about the ban in a recent interview.

Trump spoke to Real America’s Voice on April 1, saying the decision by Facebook to ban his voice was shocking. He called what’s happening “total censorship.” The former president said it’s disappointing there’s no debate anymore. Back in the day, if someone made a claim, then the other would respond: “you fight, you pick the winner.” Now, however, “there is no fight” social media companies just remove posts. He called it a “Communist country.”

Lara Trump made a similar statement in response to the censorship:

Currently, former President Trump is appealing his permanent Facebook ban with the company’s independent oversight committee. If he wins his appeal, it could lead to the platform reinstating him. There’s also chatter that he might begin his own social media company, although that has not been confirmed.

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